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A few words from Dr. Karam...

There has never been a time that I can recall when I didn't want to be a doctor… well, except when I’m arguing with insurance companies about denying a procedure or a medication for a patient!

Today, I feel very blessed to be a part of a dynamic team that combines a small-town doctor’s office tradition with 21st-Century information technology. It is my belief that modern medicine must take into account an individual’s physical, mental and social conditions in order to effectively promote wellness and treat illness. To this end, please feel free to share your life story, your joys and concerns, your recent travels, photos of your spouses, partners, children, grandchildren and pets, etc.

Our healthcare goals include disease prevention and wellness education with a focus on diabetes, hypertension, cardiac care, weight management, osteoporosis and cancer screening.

We will never forget that we’re here to provide you with comprehensive and compassionate medical care. That’s why we keep our certifications up-to-date and I spend several hours a day reviewing the most recent medical literature. We completed our transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR) in 2013 and we have recently incorporated a televisit feature. We have also added a Patient Portal within our EHR system that allows patients access to their personal health records.

We enjoy hearing from you when we do well, but also want to hear from you when we fall short. Please rate us on: Yelp, Healthgrades.com, or Vitals.com.

In case you wonder how I spend time while away from the office, I can usually be found enjoying nonfiction history books – especially art history, European and American history. For physical activity, I enjoy running and cycling by Lake Michigan and competing in the Amateur Division of Ballroom Dancing for Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango and Waltz.

May you enjoy a long and healthy life.

— Abdallah Karam, MD

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  My Education

My education includes graduating from a 6-year program at Damascus University Medical School in 1990 where I received the Award of Recognition for Academic Excellence. Following graduation I relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I completed the United States Medical Licensing Exam. This was followed by 3 years of Internship and Residency at Mercy Hospital/University of Illinois in 1995. During the last year of residency I served as Chief Medical Resident.

After becoming Board Certified in Internal Medicine in 1995, I worked with the Chicago Board of Health for a brief period, after which, I was recruited to join the staff of the University of Chicago at Weiss Hospital on the north side of the city. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to expand my practice into the Northwest Suburbs in the Arlington Heights area where I fell in love with the honesty, loyalty, and diversity of the people.

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